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    New RRP ISA Website

    by RRP ISA
    01/27/2008, 01/27/08

    Our new website is up and running.

    BACKGROUND: We redesigned the old website (from Frontpage) in July 2006. We were pleased with the look, but the underlying code was so flawed and unstable (integral elements were missing) that adding hyperlinks and new pages was all but impossible.

    We made the unpleasant discovery that there was more than a little truth in the addage that good designers are not always good web developers (coders), and vice versa. We have gone through several developers in the interim. In late September, we finally found someone who knew what he was doing.

    WHAT WE NOW HAVE: Long story short, what we have now is a very powerful, database driven, dynamic site that appears to be very stable. We urge you to jettison all preconceptions about the functionality of the site based on experience with the previous version. One look at the menus and submenus should tell you how far we've come.

    This current site also has much more material on Gardasil/artemisinin, plus it has certain guidelines (see Learn>Novel Therapies) that you might find of interest..

    The RRP Support Tribe has been phased out, as we moved the message board back to this website's own server, complete with all the old functionality, but without any connection to a social networking site (e.g., Tribe, Yahoo, etc.). It will better protect your privacy and be even easier to navigate.

    Please note that we have a challenge grant to match all donations to RRP ISA in 2008. It is from these moneys (yours and the match) that we develop the resources to offer products like this and to provide funding support for research.

    Warm regards,

    Michael Green and the RRP ISA Board